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Indian Spices

Indian Spices play a pivotal role in the Indian recipes. These are added in a variety of curries and condiments. The aroma and flavor add to their taste, making the dishes tasty and complete.

Agro Seeds

Agro Seeds can function as the vital input for several types of agricultural production. These function as the cost efficient means of boosting agricultural production. Supplied seeds allow for better yield, improved color, greater uniformity, and disease resistance.


We are dealing in Gotu kola, which are utilized for the common cold/flu, fatigue, abdominal disorders, aphrodisiac, varicose veins, memory enhancer, and venous inadequacy. These have been enriched with several medicinal properties.

Valerian Powder

We are dealing in Valerian powder, which is a herb that works as an aid supplement. It has included with several calming properties and boasts of several medicinal properties.

Spice Powder

We are dealing in Spice powders, which are available with many benefits as well as mild flavor. These are included with anti-inflammatory agents and pungent aroma. The powders can treat several illnesses and assist in the treatment of blood clotting.

Natural Seeds

We are dealing in Natural seeds which function as the great sources of fiber. These have god taste and high nutritional profile. These can be added in shakes, salads and others.

Herbs Extracts

Herbs extracts we deal in can be added to the cosmetic formulations. These function as the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. These have curative properties and boast of long-shelf life.

Neem Products
Our exclusive range of Neem products have a variety of products, which are used for cure, prevention and diagnosing several disease and maladies. These are included with antiseptic, antioxidant, immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.
Herbal Tea

Our range of herbal tea is a boon for people who have realized the value of herbal and ayurvedic products. These are incredibly potent and function as the highly effective remedy for a variety of products.

Herbal Products

Herbal Products we deal in assist in treating several chronic as well as life-threatening diseases. These are finer than the traditional remedies and stop the on growth of infectious diseases.

Food Grade Oil

We are dealing in Food grade oils, included with healthful plant compounds as well as antibacterial properties. The oils we deal in, add nutrients to a wide variety of dishes.

Aloe Vera Products

The Aloe Vera Products are included with several healthful plant compounds as well as antibacterial properties. These are proffered with wound healing properties and prevent constipation.